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  • Sirdata provides a CMP entirely based on TCF V2, certified and compatible with all players in the programmatic market.
    Its dedicated team combines legal, technical and commercial expertise to continually maximize your revenues


  • Maximize your revenues with our contextual and semantic solution.
    This semantic and behavioral analysis technology provides automated categorization of your inventories and audience predictions, including demographics.


  • "Anticipate the disappearance of third-party cookies, and innovate with our cookie free solution.
    Our teams never stop moving forward and creating. Our "cookieless" approach is simple: Targeting Audience "user-centric" or Contextual "content-centric", our solution is the answer!"


How good is your compliance?

Benefit from Sirdata expertise

- 30 checkpoints with varying levels of risk
- 6 indicators to quickly assess strengths and weaknesses
- Concrete recommendations to optimize your compliance

Protect your activity

Control the risk associated with the use of personal data, in online advertising activities, with our granular analysis of every aspect of your mechanics for obtaining user consent; for you and your partners.


All recommendations are supported, where appropriate, by articles of law and case law corresponding to the checkpoints analyzed.

Global Report

Each site has its specificities, its partners, its own processing... This is why our audits are not automated but carried out manually for each website by our experts. This gives our audits a unique quality on the market, and allows us to provide you with detailed recommendations perfectly suited to your case.

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