The simple & efficient CMP !

Sirdata provides a premium, fully customizable CMP solution for publishers and media brands who need to comply with privacy regulations.

Our key values ?
Simple & Customizable

Minimal effort required. Deploy your CMP in just a few minutes, after customizing your graphics preferences and partners choices.

GDPR & Compliance expertise

We monitor the recommendations of the authorities. We make sure Sirdata CMP is compliant and updated without any effort from your side.

Support & strong account Management

We support publishers and advertisers on their business issues while respecting the new regulations in force.

More than 1 publishers sites already adopted our CMP !



Integrate your colors, your logo, your Privacy page. Choose your texts and buttons to display ...


16 languages available. Automatic language selection based on the browser's language or select the language of your site.

Management of purposes

Management of publisher purposes (social networks, analytics...), and purposes per recipient to avoid data leaks.

Google AMP

Works in the Google AMP environment, as well as on all Desktop or mobile internet browsers.


No bad configurations are possible, the CMP only admits GDPR compliant settings but also ePrivacy and CCPA.

CMP Partner Google

Google Partner Associated with the Google CMP Partner Program: you can easily activate Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager

A 100% European location

Serveur Europe

We chose to locate our servers in Europe only

Our whole data processing is carried out on servers located inside the EEA enabling

  • A much faster response time from our services
  • Strict respect of the regulatory requirements
  • Highest level of security against data leaks

Deploy the CMP in less than 5 minutes !

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  • Will show you how accurate our solutions are